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  • Make Nice Mission: Barnyard Memory Game Make Nice Mission: Barnyard Memory Game

    Farm Sanctuary is one of our favorite organizations in the country. The not-for-profit farm is home to hundreds of rescued animals who are protected and cared for by good farmers and good people. The sanctuary provides the rescued animals with everything they need to live happy and comfortable lives; from fields of grass for the grazing cows, to clean ponds for the duck and geese, mud puddles, a shining sun, blue sky and of course, other barnyard friends! We've created a Barnyard Memory Game for Farm Sanctuary to give to their supporters as a way of bringing the sanctuary (including their adopted friend!) into their homes.

  • MAKE IT! Barnyard Placemat MAKE IT! Barnyard Placemat

    Often our only experience of green pastures, red barns and majestic animals is on the packaging of grocery store products. Might I recommend a little trip to a farm sanctuary instead? I challenge anyone not to have their spirits lifted during one of these visits. And if you've never been licked by a cow, it’s imperative that you get there quickly. On top of how much you’ll benefit from the experience of visiting a farm sanctuary, you’ll leave with a better understanding of what makes each individual animal happy. What are their names? What do they like to eat? Where do they like to hang out? Who do they like to hang out with?

  • 12 Easy Toys To Donate To Your Local Shelter 12 Easy Toys To Donate To Your Local Shelter

    Getting your kids to give back can be fun and easy, especially when they know they're providing toys and entertainment for adorable dogs and cats in the local animal shelter. While awaiting adoption, it's important for shelter animals to stay active - both physically and mentally - and get as much environmental enrichment as possible. That's where pet toys come in handy. Throughout the year, animal shelters are in need of donations in order to provide all of the items that their animals need to stay happy and healthy while under their care. You and your kids can make a difference by crafting some toys to drop off at the shelter as gifts for the animals.

  • Make it! Pet Pillows Make it! Pet Pillows

    Of all our obsessions at Moomah, one of the greatest is our love for animals; the ones already in our homes, and the ones we debate adding to our homes as we stalk Petfinder in our weaker moments. We are just as guilty as the rest for spending hours watching cute animal videos, or going through our phones to show any willing acquaintance how cute our cat was while taking a nap (she's peeking out under the covers… come on!!) We're the ones you may not want to kiss on the cheek... unless you like the taste of doggy slobber.

  • Honeybee Collage Honeybee Collage

    The honeybees needs all the attention they can get these days. With the use of pesticides and other industrial farming practices causing their population to decrease, it's up to us as backyard gardeners and local shoppers to do what we can to encourage their presence in our yard. We can plant flowers to attract them as pollinators, build bee houses for them to live in, and buy honey from sustainable beekeepers who encourage their survival and help their population to grow. Use our honeybee collage as a reminder of all the ways honeybees help us in our world and all the ways we can help them in return.

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