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Crafts: Make It!
  • Cat Claws: Nature Intended For Them To Be There Cat Claws: Nature Intended For Them To Be There

    Puddin’ was surrendered to Animal Haven shelter for scratching her original guardian’s furniture. Due to my allergies, we weren’t able to adopt her, but my daughter made it her mission to find her a new home. She set Puddin’ up for success by supplying her with opportunities for letting her claws loose. She bought a simple cardboard scratch pad and decorated it with duct tape to personalize it just for Puddin’. It may be hard to understand, but cats really aren’t trying to drive you crazy by scratching your belongings.

  • Do Unto Animals: Cardboard Mouse Cat Toy Do Unto Animals: Cardboard Mouse Cat Toy

    In Do Unto Animals, Tracey encourages us to craft simple enrichment toys that can be dropped off at the local shelter to keep the animals mentally and physically active while they await their forever homes. The cardboard play pals on Page 54 of the book cost very little, are easy enough to be made in multiples, and are guaranteed to make a world of a difference to our shelter animals friends. You can host a shelter-crafting day and create a bunch of these easy-to-make play pals to donate to your local shelter.

  • Meet Your Mutt Meet Your Mutt

    When I was pregnant with my children, I wanted to know their gender as soon as possible—not because I wanted one or the other, but because it felt comforting to eliminate at least one unknown. When folks are pregnant with the notion of getting a dog, I can understand why some might choose a specific breed in hopes of knowing exactly what they’re in for. Choosing a specific breed may allow one to gauge the general look and size of the adult dog, and there are some behavior traits that hold true—herdin’ dogs wanna herd; water dogs wanna swim! However, I have yet to parent two dogs of the same breed that weren’t vastly different. “Pureness” of breed has never offered any real shortcuts in terms of knowing how to handle the dog. And, unfortunately, purebred dogs suffer a host of genetic defects and illnesses. Within any breed and even within every litter, there is a canyon-wide range of personalities. Just as every person is unique, so every dog is different.

  • Make it! Supertryer Placemat Make it! Supertryer Placemat

    Asking your children to try new foods - especially fruits and vegetables - can be difficult. We think that the simple act of trying is as an accomplishment in itself. Our Supertryer Placemat is the perfect way to encourage your little ones to try new foods and to mark down their tasting accomplishments.

  • How Can We Help Elephants? How Can We Help Elephants?

    Taegan Yardley is not alone in her efforts to save elephants. There are many good people out there doing their best to protect these beautiful animals, and you can be one of them. It's easy! Partake in one or more of the FOUR ideas below and you can feel good about doing your part.

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