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Crafts: Make It!
  • MAKE IT! Beaded Bracelets MAKE IT! Beaded Bracelets

    Inspired by the Wakami women and their amazing wrap bracelets, we decided to make similar beaded bracelets of our own. Keeping the kids in mind, we went with some bigger beads and different materials to make it easier for little fingers.

  • Make It! The Cultural Iceberg Placemat Make It! The Cultural Iceberg Placemat

    The base of human rights begins with understanding that no one should be judged on their gender, religion, nationality or color. We are all equal no matter what we look like, and below the surface we may have a lot more in common than we think!

  • Where Was Your Shirt Made? Where Was Your Shirt Made?

    Did you know that fair trade products go beyond fruits and vegetables in the grocery store and can include our clothes? T-shirts, socks, underwear, bed linen and bath towels can all be made out of cotton - a material that is sourced by farmers. Just like our fruits and vegetables, cotton is grown in fields and requires hard working farmers to grow and harvest the material and trade it in return for money. Unfortunately, a lot of cotton farmers in developing countries receive low prices for their cotton and find it hard to compete with other farmers in more developed countries.

  • How to Throw A Jewelry Selling Fundraiser How to Throw A Jewelry Selling Fundraiser

    You and your kids can make a difference by spreading the word about human rights and the importance of humane education through a simple front yard jewelry selling sale! Sell your crafts to raise money for HEART and help them to continue running their program in schools and empowering students around the country.

  • Oceans of Plastic : From Streets to Sea Oceans of Plastic : From Streets to Sea

    One of the more confronting teaching examples that the ladies from HEART demonstrated for us, was a brief lesson on plastic waste and its effects on sea life. Kimberly decided that the best way to be blunt about plastic waste was to dump an entire garbage bag full of bottles and plastic containers right in front of our eyes. The three of us sat there feeling mildly disturbed. Trash! In front of us. On our work tables. Touching our stuff. In our personal space. Yuk!

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