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  • MAKE IT! Barnyard Memory Game MAKE IT! Barnyard Memory Game

    Farm Sanctuary is one of our favorite organizations in the country. The not-for-profit farm is home to hundreds of rescued animals who are protected and cared for by good farmers and good people. The sanctuary provides the rescued animals with everything they need to live happy and comfortable lives; from fields of grass for the grazing cows, to clean ponds for the duck and geese, mud puddles, a shining sun, blue sky and of course, other barnyard friends! We've created a Barnyard Memory Game for Farm Sanctuary to give to their supporters as a way of bringing the sanctuary (including their adopted friend!) into their homes.

  • Toolbox: Beeswax Candles Toolbox: Beeswax Candles

    We love all of the amazing DIY projects that Farmer Meg tackles using the left over wax from her honey harvest. She makes and sells fragrant candles using her own beeswax - the ideal candle wax thanks to both its naturally aromatic quality and its clean burning habit. Meg is walking us through a quick tutorial on how we can make beeswax candles at home.

  • Hands Off My Homework Mommy! Hands Off My Homework Mommy!

    I’m not one of those annoying parents that goes on ad nauseum about the virtues of not letting my child watch television. I’m not one that brags about how truly exceptional my kids are (even though my kids are truly exceptional…I mean really they are). I am most certainly not one that tells my 5 year old son that there is a Ugandan warlord who commits unspeakable acts. Oh, but I have my faults. One of them being that I steal my children’s art projects, projects that are assigned to be done at home...

  • MAKE IT! Honeybee Shadowbox MAKE IT! Honeybee Shadowbox

    We're celebrating the wonderful world of bees and the amazing work they do inside their hive, with our Honeybee Shadowbox.

  • Honeybee Collage Honeybee Collage

    The honeybees needs all the attention they can get these days. With the use of pesticides and other industrial farming practices causing their population to decrease, it's up to us as backyard gardeners and local shoppers to do what we can to encourage their presence in our yard. We can plant flowers to attract them as pollinators, build bee houses for them to live in, and buy honey from sustainable beekeepers who encourage their survival and help their population to grow. Use our honeybee collage as a reminder of all the ways honeybees help us in our world and all the ways we can help them in return.

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