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Crafts: Make It!
  • Make It! Animal Lover Gift Tags Make It! Animal Lover Gift Tags

    Simplicity is best when it comes to packaging gifts at holiday time, especially when you have so many people to think about! If you're starting to gather everything you need to wrap your gifts this year, try skipping the cards and use these simple (but adorably cute) animal lover gift tags instead!

  • Make It! 12 Homemade Holiday Gifts Make It! 12 Homemade Holiday Gifts

    It's a challenge to pick out the perfect gifts for our friends and relatives around the holiday season. This year we're offering an alternative. We're making things a little more simple with a round-up of our favorite craft projects that double as homemade gifts. There's no way your best friend will be disappointed by a pillow that looks like her puppyson. And how could grandma resist the beautiful butterfly ornament made just for her by her loving granddaughter? This year, let your crafty side out, get sewing and avoid the stores!

  • Make It! Snowy Owl Shadowbox Make It! Snowy Owl Shadowbox

    Snow is a true sign of the holiday season! There is nothing prettier than a fresh layer of snow covering the trees... except maybe spotting a beautiful Snowy owl amidst all of the white! The Snowy owl can be spotted in the winter time throughout the northern United States and Canada. Unlike most other owls it is active during the day and constantly moves depending on where it will most likely find prey to survive. Unfortunately, Snowy owls face a few threats. Climate change affects both their habitat and their prey, while collisions with automobiles, utility lines and other objects are other more accidental threats.

  • Get Involved: 12 Easy Toys To Donate To Your Local Shelter Get Involved: 12 Easy Toys To Donate To Your Local Shelter

    Getting your kids to give back at this time of year can be fun and easy, especially when they know they're providing toys and entertainment for adorable dogs and cats in the local animal shelter. While awaiting adoption, it's important for shelter animals to stay active - both physically and mentally - and get as much environmental enrichment as possible. That's where pet toys come in handy. Throughout the year, animal shelters are in need of donations in order to provide all of the items that their animals need to stay happy and healthy while under their care. You and your kids can make a difference this holiday season by crafting some toys to drop off at the shelter as gifts for the animals.

  • MAKE IT! Barnyard Memory Game MAKE IT! Barnyard Memory Game

    Farm Sanctuary is one of our favorite organizations in the country. The not-for-profit farm is home to hundreds of rescued animals who are protected and cared for by good farmers and good people. The sanctuary provides the rescued animals with everything they need to live happy and comfortable lives; from fields of grass for the grazing cows, to clean ponds for the duck and geese, mud puddles, a shining sun, blue sky and of course, other barnyard friends! We've created a Barnyard Memory Game for Farm Sanctuary to give to their supporters as a way of bringing the sanctuary (including their adopted friend!) into their homes.

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