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  • Make It! Cardboard Farm Sanctuary Make It! Cardboard Farm Sanctuary

    For some, the images of red barns and grazing farm animals is only ever seen on the packaging of grocery products. But for those of us who have been lucky enough to visit heaven (aka Farm Sanctuary, New York), we know this beauteous image to be true.

  • Do Unto Animals: Catnip Sea Creatures Do Unto Animals: Catnip Sea Creatures

    Want to make the Catnip Sea Creatures from Do Unto Animals? The supply list and directions can be found on Page 55 of the book, and this Catnip Sea Creature Template will make this easy craft even easier!

  • Make It! Spider Web Dream Weaver Make It! Spider Web Dream Weaver

    We've crafted a web of our own and used it to make a dream weaver! We like to think that if we hang it over our bed it might help to capture our bad dreams! Thanks spidey!

  • The Foster Charm Bracelet The Foster Charm Bracelet

    Did Do Unto Animals inspire you to try Virtual Adoption? We hope it did! If you’ve got all the furry friends at home that you can handle, or if you're not in a position to adopt, virtual adoption is the perfect solution to help you make a difference for animals in need at your local shelter.

  • Make It! Paper Crow Make It! Paper Crow

    To celebrate the crow and his ability to solve intricate puzzles using simple self-constructed handmade tools, we're building a paper crow sculpture out of nothing more than paper and tape!

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