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  • Make It! Pet Treats Make It! Pet Treats

    Our Skinny Chef Aida not only keeps our bellies filled with healthy goodness, but she's got some delicious pet treat recipes, too.

  • Make It! Felted Butterfly Collection Make It! Felted Butterfly Collection

    Spring is all about growth and change. It's about coming out of hibernation or out of the cocoon. One of the most fascinating transformations in the insect world is the caterpillar to butterfly. Lately I've been watching Youtube videos on this metamorphosis with my daughter. No longer interested in before bed mommy-daughter-reading-time, she is now into "relaxing before sleep" with incredible science videos like this one that let's us get a close-up look into a Blue Morpho Butterfly Wing.

  • Exploring William Steig Exploring William Steig

    We just couldn't get enough of Amos & Boris, the sweet and inspiring story by William Steig that Tim and Otis introduced to us about adventure, travel and the greatest of friendships. Tim and Otis taught us how to create the whale, Boris, and the mouse, Amos but we couldn't stop there. Complete the whole cast of characters from the book with these two crafts.

  • Meet Young Artist: Lisel Ballmer Meet Young Artist: Lisel Ballmer

    Lisel is a name that is not shared by too many people. The first day of school was always torture as I would dread the moment that the teacher came to my name on the roster and was bound to mispronounce it. Lisa? No. Lysol? No. Lizelle? NO! LISEL! In my entire 36 years, I've never crossed paths with another Lisel until a few months ago. A curious thing happened: my own name appeared in my email inbox! Was I sending myself emails? Confused I read the subject line: "Another artistic person with my exact name!?" It didn't take long to realize it wasn't from myself at all, but from 11 year old artist, Lisel Ballmer, who just happened to come across my website after looking up her own name online.

  • Unusual Creatures Unusual Creatures

    If only we could hold onto the unrestricted imagination of our childhood. Children can dream up the most spectacular and unearthly of things, unburdened by facts or plausibility. Michael Hearst’s book, Unusual Creatures, explores fifty-six different creatures that are shockingly of this earth (though your kids won’t find this shocking).

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