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  • Under The Sea Shadowbox Under The Sea Shadowbox

    The shadowbox is our favorite way to collect, save and present our treasured items. If your kids are always coming back with more and more collectables from their day at the beach, a shadowbox may be the perfect way to show them all off in style. Those extra shells that weren't turned into glitter shells will be used just as beautifully in our Under The Sea Shadowbox.

  • Crab Collage Crab Collage

    If the kiddies try to pull the ol' "bringing back hermit crabs and other sea life from the beach thing" this summer, how about suggesting they honor them in collage form instead? Yeah, that'll work! Well hey, you're already going to be taking care of all their summer pets anyway, so why not add a project about them to your list? You do the cutting and they do the rest.

  • Panda Mask Panda Mask

    We decided to collaborate with Tea and help to bring some much needed attention to the endangered panda, by creating a cute craft that would supplement their newest collection. Paper cuttings are a traditional Chinese craft, and so we decided to modernize this idea by creating a Panda Mask.

  • Senior Spotlight: A Day In New York With Mamma Biscuit Senior Spotlight: A Day In New York With Mamma Biscuit

    Mamma Biscuit is a senior puppy mill rescue, who spent seven years of her life caged indoors, forced to produce over 100 puppies against her will. Curly Tail Pug Rescue soon came to her aid, rehabilitated her through foster care, and found her a home in New York City with John and Tommy in 2009. Since then, Mamma B has quickly become the Lady of the home. She enjoys sleeping, cuddling and giving pug kisses, and even has her own blog!

  • The Pet Project The Pet Project

    We are all for children having pets of their own. However, before any pet promises are made, we think that it's very important to do your research and find the perfect house-mate for you and your family. There’s nothing worse than taking in a new loved one, only to find out a week or so in that it just wasn’t the right fit. What's the best way to work it all out? Get scientific. Devise a plan and formulate a query: what is the best pet for me?

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