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  • Make It! Snowy Owl Shadowbox Make It! Snowy Owl Shadowbox

    The Snowy owl can be spotted in the winter time throughout the northern United States and Canada. Unlike most other owls it is active during the day and constantly moves depending on where it will most likely find prey to survive. Unfortunately, Snowy owls face a few threats. Climate change affects both their habitat and their prey, while collisions with automobiles, utility lines and other objects are other more accidental threats.

  • Animal Friendly Gift Guide Animal Friendly Gift Guide

    It's holiday season and we're dedicating it to our animal lovers, vegan advocates, and our animals themselves. Every item on our Animal Friendly Gift Guide helps to support an organization that gives back to our animals, stands up for animal rights, is vegan, cruelty free or eco-friendly, or helps our wider community in some specific way.

  • Susie’s Senior Dogs Susie’s Senior Dogs

    What has four legs, a wispy Mohawk that flows in the wind, fifteen years of wisdom, and a non-profit organization to save the lives of her pawed pals? There is only one majestic creature that could be all of that and more, her name is Susie.

  • Make It! Animal Lover Gift Tags Make It! Animal Lover Gift Tags

    Choose your gift! We have so many gift ideas on our gift guide for animal lovers. All they need is a cute tag to put them over the edge

  • Maggie’s Mission: Animal Haven, Holiday Edition Maggie’s Mission: Animal Haven, Holiday Edition

    It's that time of year again when our young contributor, Maggie Rose, likes to draw attention to the amazing dogs and cats at Animal Haven Shelter. This year, Maggie is encouraging people to by-pass their local pet store and head straight to the shelter to adopt a pet for the holidays. She's choosing a few of her favorite dogs and cats and giving us an idea of why they are so special. From fighting the myths of the black cat and pit bull, to caring for strays and seniors, remembering those with special needs and helping those who have been through hard times.

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