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  • Make Nice Mission: Barnyard Memory Game Make Nice Mission: Barnyard Memory Game

    Farm Sanctuary is one of our favorite organizations in the country. The not-for-profit farm is home to hundreds of rescued animals who are protected and cared for by good farmers and good people. The sanctuary provides the rescued animals with everything they need to live happy and comfortable lives; from fields of grass for the grazing cows, to clean ponds for the duck and geese, mud puddles, a shining sun, blue sky and of course, other barnyard friends! We've created a Barnyard Memory Game for Farm Sanctuary to give to their supporters as a way of bringing the sanctuary (including their adopted friend!) into their homes.

  • Susie and Simon’s Top 10 Tips For Helping Seniors Susie and Simon’s Top 10 Tips For Helping Seniors

    Susie and Simon are thankful to their parents for expanding their loving family, but understand that not everyone is able to do the same. They're here to give us their top ten tips for helping seniors this holiday season (and any time of year!!!), whether you're able to bring a pet home or not.

  • MEET THE ARTIST: Sophie Gamand MEET THE ARTIST: Sophie Gamand

    When we were designing our donation cards to raise funds for Animal Haven Shelter this holiday season, we were faced with the issue of finding good photographs of the shelter cats and dogs. The old saying goes, "never work with children or animals," and if you've ever attempted to get either to pose long enough for a decent photo you'll understand exactly what that means. It's not easy to snap clear and beautiful photographs of dogs or cats, let alone take a photo that captures the beautiful soul behind the lens. We got lucky when we realized that the role of photographer at Animal Haven was already filled by the talented Sophie Gamand, who donates photography time and expertise to animal charities and shelters.

  • Unlikely Friendships at Farm Sanctuary Unlikely Friendships at Farm Sanctuary

    I’ve been spending some time at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY and their Animal Acres in Acton, California. Great stories abound. I think you’ll enjoy hearing about the beautiful, and sometimes unexpected, friendships that form.

  • MAKE IT! Barnyard Placemat MAKE IT! Barnyard Placemat

    Often our only experience of green pastures, red barns and majestic animals is on the packaging of grocery store products. Might I recommend a little trip to a farm sanctuary instead? I challenge anyone not to have their spirits lifted during one of these visits. And if you've never been licked by a cow, it’s imperative that you get there quickly. On top of how much you’ll benefit from the experience of visiting a farm sanctuary, you’ll leave with a better understanding of what makes each individual animal happy. What are their names? What do they like to eat? Where do they like to hang out? Who do they like to hang out with?

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