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  • Make It! Spider Web Dream Weaver Make It! Spider Web Dream Weaver

    We've crafted a web of our own and used it to make a dream weaver! We like to think that if we hang it over our bed it might help to capture our bad dreams! Thanks spidey!

  • Make It! Paper Crow Make It! Paper Crow

    To celebrate the crow and his ability to solve intricate puzzles using simple self-constructed handmade tools, we're building a paper crow sculpture out of nothing more than paper and tape!

  • Make It! Farm Treat Pouch Make It! Farm Treat Pouch

    My love of animals enhances every aspect of my life. As a parent, my reference for animals plays a big part in how I choose to raise my kids. Luckily, they are just as intensely in love with animals as I am. Bribes like, “If you do all your homework this week without fuss you can go to the animal shelter and read to the bunnies,” actually work in my house. We foster animals in our home, strategize ways to raise money for animal charities and are forever trying to spread the word about how animals need us to be kinder. I want my children to feel they have a voice and that their voice has impact. It’s empowering for children to feel as though they can protect as well as be protected. Animals provide a great opportunity for this type of engagement.

  • Make It! Duct Tape Treat Pouch Make It! Duct Tape Treat Pouch

    We can have lots of fun teaching tricks to our dogs, but some tricks have more importance than others. Teaching your dog the "touch" cue is an essential tool needed to keep your dog safe.

  • Cat Claws: Nature Intended For Them To Be There Cat Claws: Nature Intended For Them To Be There

    Puddin’ was surrendered to Animal Haven shelter for scratching her original guardian’s furniture. Due to my allergies, we weren’t able to adopt her, but my daughter made it her mission to find her a new home. She set Puddin’ up for success by supplying her with opportunities for letting her claws loose. She bought a simple cardboard scratch pad and decorated it with duct tape to personalize it just for Puddin’. It may be hard to understand, but cats really aren’t trying to drive you crazy by scratching your belongings.

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